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What Are Theme Shirts?

We put quality in Every Stitch

Early  Novelty shirts were pitched as "postcards you can wear". Over the years  we've evolved our own brand of "Postcard". Exquisitely tailored in  lightweight cotton, our one-of-a-kind shirts drape effortlessly, cooling  the body in the slightest breeze. The prints are meticulously aligned  with matching chest pocket(s). Straight hem with side vents mean no  tucking required. 

What makes our shirts so Special

Pocket Matching:  We  also match the pocket so that it aligns perfectly with the pattern of  the shirt. It takes extra time and fabric to do so, but our customers  are worth it. 

Sizes for Every Body!

All  of our theme shirts are also available in larger sizes  to 5X. We also  do custom work such as shortening, lengthening, or adding an extra  pocket. Email us for Details. 

Top Quality Fabric and Construction

These  quality handcrafted shirts are individually crafted for you.The  patterns on our shirts are matched to the pocket and all seams are  finished. The attention to detail and the use of quality fabric ensures  that you are getting a one of a kind made for you custom theme shirt.  Learn more about the care of our shirts. 


Our handmade apparel is top quality as our many customers will attest!  We have wildlife shirts which feature deer, wolves, foxes, fish, and many more.  Hunt through our fabric selection and see if you agree! We are always  looking for bold and new patterns - so check back often, or join our  mailing  list for notification.

Whether you are looking for shirts with patterns of hot rods, woodies, classic cars, or muscle cars we have what you are looking for. We also make shirts featuring wildlife, sports. NASCAR, skulls, pinup girls,  and many more. And if we do not have it we will do our very best to  locate it for you at no charge. Adult sizes XS-XL, $35.00, Plus Sizes  additional, children's sizes $25.